Getting people to work smarter, not harder

Starting with finance teams

We are on a mission to help people work smarter and live more by simplifying and automating their business tasks with cutting-edge technologies applied intuitively.

Who We Are

We're Jutsoo, a B2B software technology startup founded by experienced engineers with a passion for using smart technologies to help businesses thrive.
Our founders have been rocking the local technology industry for over 11 years, building e-commerce platforms to payment systems across various industries. Their experience and success have formed the foundation of our company.
At Jutsoo, our team, who have worked with some of the best technology companies in the region, is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions, helping you achieve your goals and level up your organization. 
Today, we start with helping finance teams manage cash better and we won’t stop there. We believe in the power of technology to transform the world we live and work in, and we're committed to being at the forefront of that transformation. 
Join us on this journey and let's work smarter, not harder, together.
Our team members coming from:

Our Company Values

Thinking Customer First

We obsess over customers rather than competitors and genuinely care for their success

Earning Trust via Honesty and Integrity

We act with integrity even when no one is looking and always communicate honestly and transparently to everyone

Getting Things Done 

We focus on getting things done and then quickly iterating as it is better than waiting for perfection

Having High Ownership

We never say “that’s not our job” but always act as owners with humility and empathy to everyone around us

Being Resourceful

We deliver more results with less, pushing us to innovate and always be resourceful

Always Learning

We have a high-level of curiosity to always improve and learn from anyone and everyone every day.

Delivering Excellence

We have extremely high standards on delivering high-quality products and services to our customers’ delight.

Developing Leaders

We challenge and develop our people to become the kind of leaders we want ourselves to be while fostering a safe and healthy yet productive and fun work environment where we can all thrive and enjoy. 

Our Investors

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